Did USA Make The Trick of The Century? Did They Really Land on The Moon?


Did USA Make The Trick of The Century?

Did They Really Land on The Moon?



When Neil Armstrong stepped down a ladder and onto the moon, the nation achieved an audacious vision. But there were surprising moments along the way and not everything went as expected. Astronauts collected rocks, took photos, performed experiments, planted flags, and then came home. But those stays during the Apollo program didn’t establish a lasting human presence on the moon.


50 years ago, on July 20th, 1969 for the first time,two men landed on another celestial body from Earth. Following years, six more landings were made on our dear satellite and twelve astronauts completed the moon mission thus far. Those people were all Americans and astronauts of NASA.


We are now in 2019 and discussions about the moon travel in 1969 are still going on. And even today we are talking about it. But of course, it has a reason. I can predict some of the questions in your mind.


Are we are still talking about the Moon whilst USA is going to Mars, really? Or are you saying that no one ever went to space? Such questions can quickly come into the minds.


But in order to build a solid feature, you need a solid past! This article will be a snapshot about the past because of being sure about our future.


It all started when the Soviet Union sent the Sputnik vehicle to the space in 4th Oct 1957.The first human-made satellite.


Guess what happened! It shocked USA a lot.


Just when they thought they got the power in their hands with the atomic bomb this technological difference scared them and lowered their reputation. The success of the Soviet Union made Americans even think that Russians can destroy them with their space technology. They needed to give a response to them immediately.


With a bigger step…


Let’s rewind everything a bit further and remember that known story.


Several attempts were made before Apollo 11 landed on the Moon but all of them (7, 8, 9 and 10 missions consisted solely of taking photographs of the Moon) were failed.


Apollo 11, on the fourth day of the voyage was successfully landed when the fuel was almost out of order. One of the greatest steps in the history of humanity had come true, the Moon was reached. Armstrong slowly stepped out of the vehicle and took the first step. In fact, this step will be echoed for years “a small step for a human, a giant step for humanity.” recorded with words.


Good word, isn’t it? I think so. Obviously he had worked on these words.


The photos were taken, everything was recorded … But, did it happen in a film studio and not on the Moon?


The ones who don’t believe in the moon travel, has some theories.

By the way, these are not the theories of Russians but there are many strong beliefs shared by  American researchers, some ex-Nasa employees and space observers.Theories came through by detection of some errors in the movies and photos of the moon travel were revealed quickly by these very careful guys.


These are some of the most popular theories:

  1. The waving flag

How was this flag floating when there was no gravity and no wind on the moon? Didn’t this look like it was shot on Earth? According to many conspiracy theorists, in the footages, the US flag that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin rammed into the moon’s regolith blows in the wind. But that is not possible, there is no atmosphere on the moon.

However, on the other hand, scientists says that the flag did not ripple. It only moved when the two astronauts touched it and rammed it into the ground. On Earth, the atmosphere quickly slows down such light oscillations. But on the moon — without atmosphere — the oscillations keep going for much longer. In addition, a cross strut was braced in the flag to give the impression it was blowing.




  1. The shadows run diagonally

Another confusing point for theoreticians is ‘shadows’. Since we know that astronauts did not take any light sources with them irregularity of the shadows are confusing us. The shadows must be parallel to each other but on the contrary they have intersections.

That’s why spotlights must have been involved.

On the contrary, science puts forward that parallelism is always a issue of perspective. Parallel lines on a three-dimensional surface always appear as if they are converging if they are imaged two-dimensionally. Think of railway tracks. They seem to converge towards the horizon, although they are always guaranteed to be parallel. This is true on earth and also on the moon.



  1. No stars in the photos




Why don’t stars see in the moon photos? According to the conspiracy theorists, the reason is simple; they used black screens for space in the film studio and there was no stars light on the screen.


In contrast, science says it’s true that on the moon — without an atmosphere to disturb things — we have a fantastic view of the starry cosmos. But when the astronauts were on the moon, it was always daytime. Since the moon surface is bright and high contrast is taken, only the brightest stars are seen in the pictures.


The same goes for Earth orbit. The blue light of the earth prevents us from seeing stars in photographs focused on the space station and astronauts. Moreover, the same bright star is seen in the same position in the sky in different Moon photographs. In summary, the claim that there are no stars in the images is wrong.


And other conspiracy arguments follows;

-NASA didn’t have the technology to take the people to the Moon in 60s.

-There are also optical anomalies in the same photos.

-The Lunar modules should have generated a big dust cloud after landing.

-Taking TV equipments to the Moon to go a live streaming and running them are impossible there.

-Because the heat on the surface of the moon is too hot or cold the cameras of astronauts should have been molten or frozen.



NASA’s Apollo landing program was a large program with a total budget of 24 Billion Dollars (today’s money 150 Billion Dollars). A total of 400,000 people took part in this program, around 20,000 companies and research centers supported the program. In order for a conspiracy to succeed, very few people with a tight mouth must run the conspiracy.

If the Apollo program was a conspiracy, how come 400,000 people in the program didn’t mention a single conspiracy in 50 years? If they didn’t know the truth, how were so many people and companies involved? Of course, this is not the only question that the proponents of the conspiracy must answer. All of the Apollo missions were followed with great disappointment and sadness by the Soviet Union, the US’s biggest rival in this race.

Moreover, it is possible to see the evidence of the descent to the Moon today. From the high resolution pictures taken from satellites sent to the moon (such as Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter), it is possible to see the landing points, the vehicles remaining there, the landing gear and even the footprints of astronauts. It is also possible to see the flags of the Apollo 11 standing apart, except the Apollo 11 flag that fell during the flight. Moreover, these pictures come not only from the satellites of NASA, the so-called conspiracy, but also from satellites from neutral countries such as the Japanese (SELENE), the European Union (SMART-1), India (Chandrayaan-1) and China (Chang (e 2).



Now, we are returning to the moon. 50 years later from the first visit.

Also the people who will go to the moon this time aren’t astronauts,they are ordinary persons like us. On 17th of September 2018 Elon Musk declared the first private passenger to travel to the moon. The first moon tourist is Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa.

You maybe heard his name first time but his name will be on the history books.

He bought the tickets of all seats on SpaceX rocket BFR that will be sent to the moon in 2023.

Details coming soon 🙂



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