Avusturya Graz ESC Gönüllü Hizmeti

Avusturya Graz ESC Gönüllü Hizmeti 02/09/2024 – 06/07/2025 EVS ESC European Solidarity Corps projesinde Avrupa Dayanışma Programı faaliyetinde bulunacak katılımcılar aranmaktadır!


Who we are: Projektschule Graz is a private school, founded by parents 43 years ago. It is in the city centre of Graz, which is a buzzing University town. We have 80 kids in the age of 6-10. Besides reading, writing and maths, the kids learn how to express themselves (vocally and in artistic ways), how they feel, what they need. The students learn democracy and to care about others and the environment. As a volunteer, you can accompany school life every day, you can be the second person in the classroom and support kids individually, eat with the kids, spend time with them in our beautiful garden. You can bring in your own creativity and your passions (arts, music, theatre, dance…). We believe that school is more than the official curriculum. As our name says: we have room for projects!


Accommodation: Single room in a student hostel. Food: Daily fresh meals at school (we have our own cook!) and money for self supply. We will provide a ticket for the use of public transport in Graz. Pocket money is 7 Eur/day.


Volunteers will participate in On-Arrival Training and Mid-term meetings organized by the National Agency. They will have the opportunity to take part in a German course and use the Online Language Support Tool. The school provides task-related support, supervision, and guidance through experienced staff.


We look for a person, who is responsible and motivated to help students, as well as assisting teachers. Ideal candidates should be open-minded, active, and initiative-taking, capable of interacting with children of different ages and social backgrounds. An interest in alternative pedagogy and specific skills in arts, music, handicrafts, or sports are also desirable.

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