20 Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Turkey


How about discovering the beauties of our country before opening to the world? There are lots of places to see before you die in Turkey. Apart from the popular places, there are little known but great places to visit.

We have prepared a list of must-see places in Turkey for you.




List of Places Need to See in Turkey

We have put together for you the places to visit located in different regions of Turkey. Here is a list of places to see in Turkey;


Ishak Pasha Palace is a work known all over the world and especially famous for its stonework. The palace has 336 rooms. Inside the palace, there are various areas such as mausoleum, city walls, mosques and wards. It is possible to see symbols from the Ottoman, Seljuk and Persian states. The palace was built in 1685 by İshak Pasha and Colak Abdi Pasha. Ishak Pasha Palace is the most famous palace built after Topkapı Palace. The most interesting part of the palace is that Mount Ararat does not appear from inside the palace. From the huge palace, the enormous mountain is invisible.



These houses, which have all the characteristics of Ottoman houses, are one of the best reasons to see the city. These magnificent houses are located on the side of Yeşilırmak. Although Amasya is not well known, it is one of the most popular places for both the ancient civilizations and the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, it was one of the many traveller’s stamping grounds in ancient times.



Mardin is a city where religions blend. The city, which attracts attention with its stone houses, will fascinate you with its visuality. The doors and windows of the houses are decorated with columns, arches and different motifs. Stone Houses generally do not exceed one or two floors. Due to the lithological structure of the region, the houses were built of yellow limestone.


Suuçtu Waterfall is a great place to see for nature lovers. You can have breakfast at the waterfall in Bursa and have a great time all day. In addition to a visual feast, there is also a tremendous setting for those wishing to have a picnic. Suuçtu Waterfall, which is especially visited during the hot summer months, is a great place for those who want to camp in the region with its wetland and green nature, long poplar trees, pine trees and beech trees.



The second largest canyon in the world is the Ulubey Canyon in Uşak. You can have a different experience on the verge of a cliff with the glass terrace in the canyon. The length of the canyon is 45 kilometres. Its depth is 50-170 meters. If you have no fear of heights, we advise you to go to the glass terrace.


Acarlar floodplain in Sakarya is the largest one-piece floodplain in our country. In fact, it is also known as the largest floodplain in the world.  Longoz literally means the forest submerged in water. Many fish species live in the region and the vegetation is very much developed with the abundance of water. This place is a wonder of nature with the blue of the sky and the wonderful trees whose roots are under water. It is possible to tour by boat or dolphin-shaped bikes in the floodplain and then have a nice fish feast.


The lake is located in Isparta. The view of the lake is perfect in all seasons of the year. Its original colour is cyan, but in some days and times it turns into different colours. Therefore, it is known as ‘Seven Coloured Lakes’ among the people. The karstic structure is of great importance in the formation of the lake. The lake extends from north to south and is fed by underground natural water resources. The water is sweet and the surrounding is woodland. There are also lots of fish in the lake such as bream, zander and sea bass.


The Harput district of Elazığ knocks spots off open-air museums. It contains structures worth seeing. This place is in the foreground with the Church of Virgin Mary, Grand Mosque, Harput Castle and Buzluk Cave. Harput is among the places to be visited in Turkey.


Safranbolu with wonderful historic houses is among the places to visit in Turkey. The first places that should not be turned back without visiting the Yemeniciler Arastasi and Bakırcılar Bazaar. Hıdırlık Hill is the most beautiful place in Safranbolu. The most beautiful corner of Safranbolu, which is intertwined with nature, is the Tokatlı Canyon. Safranbolu City History Museum known as the District Governor’s House and Yörük Village known as the model of Safranbolu are worth seeing. When you walk through the stone streets you will surely feel the historical smell.



This historic city is located in Nizip district of Gaziantep. The ancient city is known for its mosaics from the Roman period. Although it was opened in 2011, it has become a value that can raise the pride of both our country and Gaziantep with its candidacy to become the most popular mosaic museum in the world.  In addition to the famous Gypsy Girl mosaic, there are hundreds of different works in the museum.


Amasra is one of the best addresses of quiet holiday. You can also witness history while on holiday. Don’t forget to visit the Genoa castle, church and museum. Amasra Castle and museum is one of the places to visit to see the historical roots. You can stop by Çekiciler Bazaar and browse the souvenirs and shop. You can visit the Bird Rock Road Monument, which was carved into the rocks in the first century after Christ.


Gallipoli Peninsula, where the bloody battles of the First World War took place, will deeply affect you with the ruins of history …



The city was near the Turkey-Armenia border and founded on the side of the river Arpaçay. It belongs to 350-300 BC years. The ruins are close to the village of Ocakli and 48 kilometers far from Kars.



Iznik, which is world famous with its tiles, is a district that includes Seljuk and Ottoman monuments. It has an hour’s distance to Bursa.


Palamutbuku is a great holiday area, 25 kilometres from Datca centre. The village was identified as an archaeological area. You can swim or fish in transparent waters. It is an ideal place for nature and sea lovers.


The lakes formed in the valleys between the mountains in time and lined up side by side are known as Yedigöller. Yedigöller National Park in Bolu should be visited especially by nature lovers. One of the first national parks in Turkey and most of the large mammal species in the country are located in this forest. In addition to deer and roe deer, there are animals such as bear, wolf, pig, jackal and fox in Yedigöller. The national park, which has 240 plant species, is also home to numerous mushroom varieties. It is also a great place for those who like camping, having a picnic, hiking and taking pictures.


Aynzeliha and Halil-ur Rahman lakes in Şanlıurfa are known as the place where prophet Abraham fell into the fire. This is one of the most popular places of interest to tourists. One of the first addresses that come to mind when Şanlıurfa is mentioned is Pool of Abraham.


Waterfall is located in Erzurum. With a height of 8 meters, it ranks first in Europe and Asia. It has ranked third in the world. Tortum Waterfall was emerged when Tortum Lake exceeded the landslide mass in Tev Valley. Tortum Waterfall, which has a different beauty every period of the year, offers a unique beauty that fascinates nature lovers.




Located between Fethiye and Antalya, the valley has 18 kilometres long. It is one of the most special places in the Mediterranean. It has a different structure where you have to climb the rocks to move forward. Adventure lovers must visit to see. You can also take a wonderful walk in the flowing canyon. The first time you enter the canyon water may seem very calm, but as your steps progress, the intensity of the water increases. White foamy water waits for you…


Ballıkayalar is close to Istanbul and is a nice alternative for breakfast or picnic. The name of the Ballıkayalar natural park comes from a large number of bees being around the park. It is an ideal place for short term holidays. Ballıkayalar park is famous for backpacking and camping. However, the most common activity in here is rock climbing. It is the ideal place for those who want to get away from the city life for a short time and to be intertwined with nature.


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