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Slovenya Maribor bölgesinde 01/10/2019 – 30/09/2020 tarihleri arasında Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti projesinde uzun dönem Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti faaliyetinde bulunacak katılımcılar aranmaktadır!




We would like to invite volunteers to play, work and learn on Adventure Playground in Maribor. Volunteers will be active team members at the playground, invited to learn by taking part in our activities, such as playing and creating with raw materials, building different playing and other objects (wooden huts, different features), creating playground equipment and play tools, playing social and group games and promoting play. Theme projects that add the value to our playground and derive from needs and wishes of children, offer an excellent opportunity for volunteers at developing their own projects; various workshops (dance, puppet, theatre, music, art, creative science etc.). Volunteers will be encouraged to propose their ideas and take initiative to run personal projects within the frame of our association’s activities. Working time is 4 days per week at the playground (outdoor, at any weather circumstances) and 1 day in the office or on their own projects.


Volunteers will live in Maribor city centre, in a shared apartament with one-bed rooms. The apartment is fully equipped and suports comfortable living (equipped kitchen, bathroom, internet connection, …). On arrival we will open personal bank accounts for volunteers and they will get monthly alowance for food and household expenses. There are no meals provided at the working place, so volunteers get their own budget to cook at home. We will also provide bicycles and local bus ticket.


Volunteers will have a mentor to take care of faster integration into the local environment and regularly monitoring of learning outcomes. Coordinator will offer support with administrative part of project, planing of working tasks and on-the-work training. Personal support will be available throughout the duration of the project. Volunteers will also attend two training sessions (on arrival training and mid-term evaluation) organized by Slovenian National agency.


We would like to host volunteers who are looking forward to play all day long. We are looking for entusiastic young people (min. age 21 years) willing to show self-initiative, who like to work with children and peers, are ready to learn and share their knowledge, experiences and beliefs, are responsible and reliable, have a positive relation to other cultures, nationalities, religions and like to work individually as well as in a group. Experiences in working with children are welcome, strong advantage would be musical or landscaping skills and interest or experience in multimedia.




Bu ilan başvurusu European Corps sistemi üzerinden alınmaktadır. Başvuru sayfasında başvurunuzu yapmadan önce lütfen profilinizi tam olarak doldurun!!!




Son Başvuru Tarihi: 15 Mart 2019






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