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Associação Spin, acting as the Coordinating organization, is currently looking for 1 ESC  volunteer for a ESC project with our local partner, SPEAK, starting in October, 2019!



Hosting: SPEAK
Coordinator: Associação Spin
Activity start date: 1st October 2019
Activity end date: 30th September 2020
Activity duration: 12 months
Vacancies: 1 (open to all program&partner countries)
Application deadline: 25th August, 2019
Application consists of:  CV and project ­specific motivation letter+ presentation (more information below)
Application sent to: esc.speak@gmail.com 

All candidates must be registered with the European Solidarity Corps.



The Association aims to support, promote and encourage among young people, a philosophy of universal humanitarian values based on loyalty, fairness, dignity, justice and solidarity, working actively to aid multi-disabilities, fight against discrimination, exclusion and poverty, always rejecting any racial, political or religious commitments, without prejudice to the right of opinion, cooperation and assistance.



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