EVS- AGH Fırsatları

Latvia European Voluntary Service


EVS VACANCY for 12 months

🚩We are loking for the forth volunteer in Radi Vidi Pats Organization.
APPLICATION FORM: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdzRFLjMIAoZS2a5z…/viewform


📍This project is for EU and ErasmusPlus programme countries.

📍If you have between 18 and 30 years, competences about the green topics (sustainability, climate change and pollution) THIS IS FOR YOU!

📍Please apply until 15th of October.

The project will start in November 2019.


The location of the project is in Liepaja. The third biggest city in Latvia, located in south part of the country on the coast of the Baltic Sea.
What will be your role in this story?


Volunteer will be treated as a member of Radi Vidi Pats. He/She will join regular activities as well as will develop new ideas. During their service volunteer will develop His/her communication skills in foreignl anguage (English, Latvian and Russian (if volunteer wants). He/She will have to work in a team and to adapt to Latvian society and reality of Liepaja city. Volunteer can choose activities according to his/her interests and ability.


Who we are and what we are doing?
Radi Vidi Pats started as an association that works with topics related
environmental education for youngsters but slowly and very naturally we have grown into the social
sphere as well. Of course, sustainability, alternative and DIY life style is still our fundamentals, and
bicycle is our main tool in communication with the society, especially youngsters. Nevertheless,
environmental topics will always be important to us and we are eager to meet new people interested in this field, therefore we can gain new experiences and knowledge thus
widening our horizons.

For more details contact us at: evs@radividipats.lv

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