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Karadağ 12 Ay Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti


Karadağ Podgorica bölgesinde 10/01/2019 – 10/01/2020 tarihleri arasında Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti projesinde uzun dönem Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti faaliyetinde bulunacak katılımcılar aranmaktadır!




project description

Our activities have both educational and upbringing factor for children and young people from 7 – 18 years. EVS volunteer in our center will participate in many activities organized throughout entire year, such as educational and creative workshops (discussing different topics, sharing opinions, making crafts), personal tutoring (learning assistance), socializing in the play-room area (making new friendships), sports activities (to stimulate physical growth, to develop healthy habits), activities in nature (camping, work actions, excursions), international exchanges (sharing experiences with colleagues from abroad), winter and summer oratories (workshops during school breaks). Volunteer will work 30 hours per week. We are expecting from our volunteer to be active, to share the ideas, to use his/her talents, to interact with the others and to join the local community activities together with other volunteers. We have a basic schedule which can be revised together with the volunteer.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteer will receive a monthly food allowance in amount of 150,00 EUR and pocket money of 55,00 EUR. This money will be given in cash in the beginning of every month.
Volunteer will live in a flat with another volunteer. During entire service there will be two volunteers at the same time.
Volunteer’s apartment will be very close to the Youth center, it is around 15 minutes walking distance. Also, the city center is just 25 minutes walking from his/her place. Travel costs from volunteer’s country of origin to Montenegro are 100% covered by the project.

training during the project

EVS volunteer will follow the cycle of EVS trainings, so here he/she will have on arrival training upon his/her arrival. It is organized in one of the countries in the Balkans within the first month of their arrival. Here they will be introduced to their rights and obligations as volunteers, they will share their experiences with other EVS volunteers in the area of the Balkans.
In the middle of the service, they will have a mid-term training also organized in one of the countries close by.

volunteer profile

We would like to host volunteers from 18 – 30 years old who are highly motivated to work with children and youth. It should be an enthusiastic young person ready to learn and to share knowledge and able to adjust to live and work in an unknown environment. Also, volunteer should be open towards people of different religion, because our Centre works in an multicultural environment. We are looking for a skillful person when it comes to work with children and youth, creative and determinative person with strong will. We give advantage to those who have already worked on similar youth projects.


Başvuru Şekli:

Potential volunteers should send their resume and motivation letter to the following e-mail address: volonteri.dbc@gmail.com, not later than 08 September 2018.
In case of any questions, volunteers can send it to this e-mail address.
They can follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DBC.PG




Son Başvuru Tarihi: 8 Eylül 2018







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