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We are looking for volunteers to be involved in all the activities we organise in our school. Our centre is specially interested in working with children and young people in different fields such as education, culture, art and sports. These are the main motivations of most European young people. We would like to participate in the welcome plan and also to count on the experience of the European Voluntary Service (European Solidarity Corps). It would bring us the possibility of coming into contact with different cultures and working interculturally and all the aspects related to the volunteer’s home country. Our motivation is to participate in EVS, sharing experiences, establishing links with people from other countries and enriching the intercultural promotion and the exchange of knowledge between participants. Thereby, we present ourselves as coordinating and welcoming entity and, as such, we will provide the volunteer with safe living and working conditions during his or her stay. The volunteer will be also accompanied by a group of qualified professionals who will help him or her to incorporate to a new culture. The volunteer will have direct specialised support. The volunteer will have all the personal and language support that he or she could need.



PROJECT: Culture and Language Assistant
Welcoming Institution: San Juan Bosco School
WHERE: Puertollano, SPAIN
WHEN: September 2019 – June 2020
Requirements: A good level of English and French



Role and Tasks:
• Encouraging students to participate in oral communication activities
• Preparing classroom activities that focus on learning about language and culture
• Leading small groups of students
• Motivating students to learn English and French
• Encouraging students to appreciate and explore the European culture and their own in a respectful and creative way through language
• Participating in any special evening and weekend cultural activities; Being involved in the school



Working hours: Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are mostly free. Accommodation and money: Volunteers will live in a common flat. The kitchen and the bathrooms are common in every flat. The volunteers can prepare the food on their own but we also offer the possibility of eating in the school canteen. Every flat has wireless Internet connection. We cover the expenses of the accomodation and bills and provide the volunteer money for personal expenses (pocket money) and food allowances. Flights: We will also pay the flights to come from and return to the country where the volunteer lives.



Deadline to apply: as soon as possible, but no later than 30.06.2019.


In order to apply please send CV and a motivation letter to posorio@salesianospuertollano.com.



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