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Hello dear applicant!


You decided to apply for an ESC project in Alzira, Spain, 1st October – 30th June. Let me tell you more about the project 🙂 It’s all about the nature – going to the mountains with electric bicycles, mapping interesting places, protection of wild animals (mostly deers), cleaning, controling the touristic routs and their quality etc.


There are generally two organizations who you will be in touch with.

  1. IDEA – the coordinating organization who will take care of the logistics, money, communication with partners (= sending organizations in your countries) and your flats. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idea.alzira/
  2. Your hosting organization that is all about the environment

The IDEA organizations is basically sending volunteers to three types of projects – A) SCHOOLS – from smallest kids to highschools, B) NATURE – mountains projects, C) OFFICE – where the volunteers help directly in Idea. All happening in the same town.


I am a volunteer in Alzira this year and I would like to share some information with you:

Practical issues:

  • Accommodation: There are 4 different flats in the center of Alzira, all have maximum 4 volunteers in it. You will have your own room and there is usually one or two shared bathrooms, kitchen and living room. Prepare for the fact that Alzira is a small town. There are direct connections to Valencia and train connections with one change to get to the Cullera beach. For me it’s just perfect, but if you are a party person who needs a lot of action all the time, you might want to search elsewhere. Otherwise it’s a lot about the kind of relationships you’ll create with other volunteers. We are, for example, going to the nature around here almost every weekend and the mountains and orange fields are just beautiful.
  • Insurance: You’ll be enrolled under Cigna insurance, as every volunteer. Your sending organization will tell you more, you will have a whole pre-departure training.
  • You’ll also attend ON-ARRIVAL and MID-TERM trainings where you’ll meet other ESC volunteers and get to know all about the Erasmus+ projects.
  • You’ll have 3 hours of Spanish per week, the levels are either beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Money: I don’t know how much will the money be exactly, it will be stated in your Activity Agreement that you’ll get before coming here. This year, we are getting little bit over 300 EUR per month for food and other expenses and that’s pretty great when you realize that you are just a volunteer. It’s definitely enough for all your basic needs and some fun too 🙂
  • The project is open for all countries of Erasmus+ – project AND partner countries too (https://www.erasmusplus.org.uk/participating-countries )
  • Age: 18 – 30 years old (the age counts for the first day you enter the project)


  • At the beginning it will be me you’ll communicate with. I’ll pick the most suitable c.v.’s and contact you back. When my final selection is done, I’ll send chosen candidates to the hosting organization and they will proceed according to their inner rules.
  • Because there is too many applications right now, I will not answer each of you individually. If you don’t have an answer from me, it therefore means that you have not been elected for the next round. In that case I’m very sorry and I hope that you’ll find a project better suitable for you.
  • Please specify for which project are you applying, include your C.V. and a short video about why you want to take part in the project.


And finally in case you are interested, there are a few videos I take every month, you can see there more or less what the experience here can be (I’m in the school department):




Deadline to send me c.v. and video is 30. 5. 2019, email: sirinjezkova@gmail.com


Best of luck!


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