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Asociación Multideportiva Euexia is looking for 6 european volunteers for the EVS project “Extremadura Voluntary Service 4”.

We have got 6 EVS vacancies in Plasencia (Extremadura), Spain, from July the first 2018 until April 30th 2019 (10 months).

4 vacancies are for EVS in Placeat, Association for people with intellectual disabilities (https://placeat.org/) and 2 vacancies are for EVS in the Centro Socio Sanitario, a psychiatric hospital working with people having mental disorder.

EVS activities: helping the patients in their daily job, organize free time activities such as board games, dancing, sport, walking, handcrafts, drawing, outdoor activities,…

Volunteer Profile: high motivated, positive energy, willing to help others. Sport Competences and basic level of Spanish would be appreciated.



Application Deadline: 22/12/2017



If you are interested, please send us your CV and cover letter to ameuexia@gmail.com – by indicating in the subject the reference “EXTREMADURA VOLUNTARY SERVICE 4”.

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