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İnci Holding Genel Sekreter Asistanı İş İlanı

Position Overview;

We are looking for “ General Secretary Assistant ” who will be responsible for the development of processes and projects regarding corporate governance, sustainability, relations with governmental entities and NGOs, stakeholder management and for the implementation and development of Inci Holding governance model within the processes of the board of directors of the group companies in line with the functioning of the Board of Directors of Inci Holding (IH).



  • Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences; Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or related field
  • Preferably at least 3+ years of experience
  • Excellent command of English is a must, good command of German is a plus
  • Experience in corporate management, sustainability, project development and project management
  • Capability of representation, diplomatic management, planning and programming,
  • Capability of coordinating relations and strategic communication with public authorities, executives and experience in working with non-governmental organizations
  • Capability of written and verbal communication
  • Capability of integrating observations and conclusions into a broader context, having a strategic and integrated mindset
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the process of the Board of Directors regarding the implementation of Corporate Governance Principles through the Holding Companies
  • Support the Executive Team during the strategy development process
  • Support the General Secretary for the management of the external relations with governmental authorities and NGOs
  • Work in close collaboration with the business units to ensure good relations with regional stakeholders in respective sectors
  • Take role in corporate governance activities and projects
  • Develop sustainability studies and provide coordination among the group companies
  • Lead the internal and external stakeholder management for the Holding Company
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Annual Activity Report,
  • Support the management of corporate governance, sustainability, governmental relations, stakeholder management processes and develop projects.

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