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The 37th edition of Event Wise Training is open for registration!


The training will be held from the 23rd until 29th of October 2019, in the facilities of the Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, the Netherlands.


Event Wise is open for everyone who wants to improve the quality of their life and create results and energy. This training is about learning new skills, and you can set your own limits regarding how far you want to go. Learn to see opportunities by looking at life with a different perspective.


What you can get out of the training:

– reach the best performance levels you are capable of
– create and sustain a positive mental attitude, especially during hard times
– communicate with more clarity, accuracy and persuasiveness
– use your words and body language to purposefully instill self-confidence
– work on your weaknesses and play with your strengths
– rediscover the joy of play and spontaneity


Do you want to improve the quality of your life, the way you communicate and the way you perceive reality, and to live an incredible experience that you will never forget?


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€240 General participation fee
€315 Participation fee for people living in NL, AT, BE, LU, DE, FR,
GB, IE, IS, NO, SE, FI, DK, CH and LI or with a paid job
€415 Participation fee for people with paid job and living in one
of the above mentioned countries

Accommodation and meals are included in the participation fee.



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