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1 August – 31 December 2020 | ONLINE, Belgium – DE

Free online course on digital active citizenship and open data learning, designed for decision makers, youth workers, NGO leaders, etc. Course available in EN/ES/FI/HL/TR/IT/HR from:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join for free the Erasmus+ e-learning course “OpenMakers”: Open data e-learning platform and digital tools for participatory decision making.  This catchy online course is available in several languages ( English, Spanish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian and Turkish ) and once registered (free of charge) it can be undertaken by any interested user at any time/ from anywhere.

The course is divided in 5 modules (and sub-units) with about 15 online learning hours and, it support digital active citizenship. by focusing on open data learning and practice.

Online course structure:

M 1: Open Data Literacy & Culture

M2A: Creating Opportunities: innovation

M2B: Creating Opportunities: Economic Growth

M3A: Empowering Citizens: Data Driven Engagement

M3B: Empowering Citizens: Data Driven Assesment

M4A: Solving Public Problems: Social Mobilization

M4B: Solving Public Problems: Informed Decision Making

M5A: Improving Governance: Tackling corruption & Transparency

M5B: Improving Governance: TImproving Services

The OpenMakers course was thought for decision makers, youth workers, NGO leaders, young professionals and project managers.

OpenMakers aims to put citizens at the centre via digital technologies. Local democracy is a key answer in a globalised world and open data can be a concrete answer to social problems.

You can register for free at any time from now on, by choosing your favourite language from the following link:

Enjoy the online course and do not forget to collect your Open Badges after completing the quiz at the end of each module/unit. This will help you validate your learning outcomes and they can be added to your CV or Linkedin account as well!

*The course is already active and it can be undertaken anytime/from anywhere with a digital device (laptopt/smartphone). It will remain available for free at least until the end of the year 2020.

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