Youth Centre Villa Elba is looking for volunteers for 8 long term projects around Finland.

We are looking for persons who want to develop their own skills through international activities, improve their language skills and develop their leadership and interaction skills. They are interested in youth, education or social affairs and want to be acquainted with the field before
they are studying or perhaps graduated already in the field and in need of work experience to improve their employability.

Project list:

  • Youth department of Seinäjoki
  • Youth department of Ranua
  • Youth department of Kaskinen
  • Halsua and Veteli 4H club
  • Youth department of Lapua
  • Kokkotyö Foundation
  • Pedersöre kommun
  • Pietarsaaren kaupunki



You have to apply for each project individually! You have to prepare specific Motivation letter for each project you want to apply for!
In case we receive the same documents for 2 different projects, we will reject both of them!


Send your CV and Motivation letter to

Fill out the Registration Form

Requirements for Motivation letter:

1. Make it short

2. Include the most important information –

who are you?

why you want this project?

with what you can contribute to this project?

why we have to select you out of the 200 other candidates?

3. Read and follow our GUIDE and THIS LINK for more information

4. Please do not write about your family! You are the applicant, not your mother, brother, grandfather etc.

5. Please do not write about your primary school or tell the story of your life! We have your CV to see this information!

6. Please do not include photos in your Motivation letter. If you insist on adding photos – please prepare a portfolio in a separate file!

Your motivation letter will be the document determining if you will continue on the second round of the selection process.

Motivation letters that do not meet the requirements will be automatically rejected.

Applications with sending organization, different than S&G will be automatically rejected.

Only selected participants will be contacted through e-mail!