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Creative & Tech Learning Mix

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26-30 Nisan 2021

son başvuru tarihi 7 Nisan 2021
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Training Course

26-30 April 2021 | Online, Portugal

The Aim of the training is to provide creative and digital tools to empower Youth Workers and Erasmus+ Youth and the ESC practitioners to understand how, creative learning and technology learning can be integrated into youth work practice

There is a new scope of Learning practices that are currently emerging on the social innovation scene, focus in raising efficiency and effectiveness of the social work related with Youth Work and Impact (Social Problems solutions).

Online and Digital Youth Work is another emerging reality that is no longer a trend on Youth Work. The COVID-19 Pandemic pull Erasmus+ Youth in Action (E+ YiA), and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and youth work in general to the digital space. It is urgent to talk about and to qualify Youth Worker’s and Erasmus+ YiA practitioners to the Digital Space.

The propose of the Training is to raise the attention of participants to Creative and Technology Learning Tools and empower youth work and Erasmus+ YiA and ESC beneficiary projects and Practitioners.

Exploring these main components of Digital and Creative youth work, the participants can connect these knowledge with active participation, empowerment and digital learning with different non formal methods, the course will approach participants to different digital and creative youth work realities.

Specific objectives and Learning priorities of the Training:

  • To get acquaintance and practice with Online and Digital Youth Work;
  • To get acquaintance and practice with Creative Learning and Non Formal Learning;
  • To get to know and experiment different creative learning practices like Graphic Facilitation, Storytelling, Creativity and Design Thinking;
  • To get to know and experiment different digital Learning practices like SLI.DO, KAHOOT, TRELO, Basecamp and other Learning online applications;
  • To be equipped with practices to transfer to the field of Youth Work, Digital Youth Work, Participation, Citizenship and Youth Empowerment;
  • To exchange good practices of Digital Youth Work, Creative Youth Work, youth participation, empowerment and develop new ideas to implement on daily Youth Practice of all participants;
  • Encourage the participants to work together in other Key Actions of the E+ Youth in Action Programme and European Solidarity Corps.

Profile of participants

  • Youth Leaders, Youth workers,  Project managers, trainers, youth policy makers, municipal youth workers;
  • Participants must be comfortable with English as a working language;
  • Participants should be at least 18 Years Old;

Methodology & Technical requirements:

Online meetings and learning processes could be a little similar with the traditional presential forms but there are also some differences in terms of how to get prepared, how dynamics and interaction are managed.

Technical equipment needed:

Computer with camera and microphone and reliable internet connection.

The programme consists of interactive sessions, presentations and exploration of different online tools. Allowing the group to share their experiences and build on new knowledge coming from inputs and exercises.

The sessions will be divided between plenary sessions, facilitated work in smaller groups and individually reflection.  Participants are expected to take part in the whole training course, and contribute with their opinions and experience.

Online Tools:

* For our LIVE SESSIONS/ teleconference needs, we will be using the webinar software “ZOOM” – 

This platform allows to chat with each other and also create smaller working groups, share our screen so everyone can see, react with a push of a button, chat the whole group or personally, create polls and collaborate.

*  To perform certain tasks individually and/or in group, to get access to downloaded videos and more extensive documents that can be of your interest, as well as to have access to a forum, technical help and surveys we will be using “Trello” –

Other IT to be used during the Training:

  • Google Docs (collaborative works, online library of resources);
  • Jamboard (online collaborative whiteboards);
  • Canva;
  • Mentimeter;
  • Kahoot (online quiz);
  • Padlet (online collaboration including interactive geographical maps, blogging, presentations).

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