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Call For Partnership


Equal Rights For Our Silent Friends!!!

Call For Partnership

We search for partners as a Turkish NGO called Mediterranean Youth Association (Akdeniz Gençlik Derneği) from Romania 🇷🇴 , Italy 🇮🇹 , Austria 🇦🇹 , Belgium 🇧🇪 for animal rights protection themed. The Project will be sent by National Agency of Belgium, it will be applied in Austria.


In this project, we want to aim at setting dramas, study visits, activities in order to increase awareness on the protection of animal rights. The Project duration is one week. We search for reliable partners who are interested in this project and want to work with us.

Please send your organization pif via


Feel free to contact us and let’s make our world better!

Best Regards,

Elif Irem Kaykusuz

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