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Bulgaristan 7 Gün Erasmus+ Eğitim Kursu


Bulgaristan’da 13-21 Mayıs 2019 tarihleri arasında “Youth work – a path to peaceful societies” eğitim kursu düzenlenecektir.



Hibe ve Ödemeler

Participation fee
Contribution fee: 20 euro This way we will ensure the participants have a stake in the project: A modest contribution from participants to the overall costs of a project helps to create a sense of investment and ownership as well as participants tend to value what they receive more when they have contributed to it.Those costs will contribute to the implementation of the project activities and raising the quality of the accommodation as well as including short trip in between the activities.


Accommodation and food
Accommodation and food will be provided by the receiving organization at the following location: hotel Kristo, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Travel reimbursement
Travel costs limits in euro:  Bulgaria – 0 euro; UK, Spain – 360 euro; Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, Cyprus – 275 euro; Romania, Greece, Republic of North Macedonia – 180 euro.


The planned travel reimbursement maximum limits are base on calculated distance of official registration address of the sending organziations from the partner countries to the project venue Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria based on the Erasmus + program distance calculator

*please note that the distance is calculated one-way, but the reimbursement amounts are for return travel

*please note that if you are traveling from different city than the one of sending organziation the distance band might change and it will reflect on the reimbursement amount
This training activity is funded by:


Son Başvuru Tarihi: 27 Nisan 2019







Etkinlik Dili: İngilizce



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