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Ankara’da Erasmus+ Eğitim Kursu


Ankara’da 25 Ağustos – 4 Eylül 2019 tarihleri arasında “Reconnection: physical theatre tools for youth workers
eğitim kursu düzenlenecektir.



Hibe ve Ödemeler

Participation fee
We ask 50€ participants’ contribution.

Accommodation and food
Your accommodation and food is covered from 25 August evening to 4 September morning. If you decide to arrive earlier or stay longer, you are responsible to cover your costs for those days.


Travel reimbursement
Your travel costs will be reimbursed until the limit:

530€ for participants from Ireland
360€ for participants from Denmark, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom
275€ for participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania
20€ for participants from Turkey
Reimbursement will be made after the training.


We can only reimburse your travel expenses if you send all your e-tickets, e-invoices, e-boarding passes and e-receipts. If e-documents are not issued then originals are accepted. All documents need to be issued by the serving companies! We ask you to arrive not earlier than 2 days and leave not later than 2 days after the training, otherwise we cannot reimburse your travel costs.

Without these travelling costs cannot be reimbursed.

Unfortunately we cannot reimburse taxis or first class tickets!

If you are selected, you will receive more information about the travel reimbursement rules in the confirmation letter.

Please note that if you are coming from Ireland, Spain or the United Kingdom, you will need to apply before arrival for an e-visa! Your visa costs will be reimbursed up to 25€.
If you are coming from Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia or Lithuania, you most probably will have to hold a passport which is valid for a certain time also after your arrival to Turkey.


Son Başvuru Tarihi: 7 Temmuz 2019







Etkinlik Dili: İngilizce




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